Gewiss SpA
Hall 24

May 2005
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Gewiss presents ReStart, a residual current circuit breaker that resets automatically so that users can eliminate the problems caused by the untimely or inconvenient tripping of the safety device. According to the company, the untimely intervention of the residual current circuit breaker can be a real problem, for example, if a freezer defrosted or a burglar alarm deactivated. However, when the residual current circuit breaker trips, ReStart checks that the problem was not caused by a permanent or dangerous fault in the system. If everything is in order, the device automatically resets the switch and switches the electricity supply back on within 90 sec. The ReStart module can also be supplied with the Autotest function to ensure that the safety specifications of the residual current circuit breaker are always in order by automatically performing the regulatory test every week.

Intel 2005, an international trade show sponsored by Fiera Milano Tech and Italy’s Fedeazione ANIE trade association, is set to take place May 17-21, 2005 in Milan, Italy at the Fiera Milano grounds.

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