Cannon Afros SpA
Hall 18, Stand B33

May 2005
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Cannon, a leading supplier of insulation technology, has developed a foaming system based on a pouring process using a two-component polyurethane or silicon foam for the production of gaskets for appliance applications. In view of the improved quality and better technical properties achieved with a foamed gasket, the company says its gasketing technology can replace die-cut, strip, extruded, and molded gaskets. Foamed seals meet the most stringent requirements in terms of physical and mechanical properties; sealing and insulating; preventing dust, moisture, and water penetration; and also dampening vibrations and sounds. Since the resulting gasket is continuous with no recognizable joints or cut ends, the sealant is characterized by excellent performance, ensuring a great barrier against leakages compared to other kinds of seals. A high level of automation also means a significant labor cost reduction, which is often a high percentage of the total cost of a sealant production.

Intel 2005, an international trade show sponsored by Fiera Milano Tech and Italy’s Fedeazione ANIE trade association, is set to take place May 17-21, 2005 in Milan, Italy at the Fiera Milano grounds.

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