Cutting Machine
April 2005
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The MMC100 is an automatic cutter that is said to offer the widest range of industrial cutting applications available. Designed to cleanly cut a wide variety of materials, the machine cuts round or flat material up to 3.94-in wide and 0.63-in thick (100-mm wide and 16-mm thick). With a maximum cutting force of 600 lb, the cutter is said to cut a virtually limitless range of materials, including copper wire and cable, silver solder, power cords, cellophane, fiberglass sleeving, latex, fabrics, belting, flat and ribbon cable, strapping, hosing, and tubing. Programmable for up to 10 batches and three fixed feed rates, the cutting machine is rated to cut up to 7,200, 4-in pieces per hour. The Eraser Company


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