Speech-To-Text Phone Dictation
May 2005
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In January 2005, Samsung Telecommunications America LLP (Richardson, TX, U.S.) launched its p207 (pictured), said to be the first wireless phone with speech-to-text dictation capability that allows users to speak and have the phone convert their words directly into text.

Samsung also introduced a QuickPhrase feature, offered in its model a890, allowing users to address a message and activate one of the frequently used short messages pre-programmed in the phone. In the messaging application, users can activate phrases such as “Call me” or “Will call you later” by simply speaking those words, and the text is included in the message.

Samsung aligned with VoiceSignal Technologies, creator of the VoiceMode technology, to develop the new phones. VoiceSignal says the technology only requires one-time training, and it continuously adapts to the sound of the user’s voice. Accurate transcription is assisted by context-sensitive auto-correction that fixes mistakes as the user speaks. The system has a large vocabulary, and it automatically includes names from the user’s phone contact list. A spell mode allows users to enter in additional words. The system is designed to support punctuation and abbreviation.

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