Tube Fusing Technology
April 2005
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Tube fusing utilizes an inexpensive tube, which captures the wires to be connected. Resistively heated fusing electrodes apply the necessary pressure and heat to the tube/wire bundle to make a reliable connection. These machines are versatile for applications such as fusing magnet wires, Litz wire, and insulated leads within a tube terminal. This technology eliminates the need for an operator to strip the magnet from the leads prior to fusing the lead bundle. Capable of fusing up to 100 by 18 AWG (1.0 mm) wires in parallel, the operator simply places the tube into the fixture and locates the lead bundles within the tube. The heat of the fusing operation burns off the wire enamel while the tin from the tube clean the area to be connected. The force of the head combined with the controlled heating of the electrode creates a reliable connection while minimizing manual operations. Joyal, a division of AWE, Inc.
Circle No. 372


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