Motorized Impeller
April 2005
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The RB4C-315/145 a.c.-powered backward-curved motorized impeller produces airflows up to 1,112 cfm and static pressures of more than 1.8 in WG, according to the company. The motorized impeller has a low profile with an impeller diameter of 12.6 in (315 mm) and a height of 6.22 in (158 mm). The company says its motorized impeller discharges air 360 degrees radial from the impeller wheel, rotating counterclockwise viewing the inlet. Applications include particle filtration, dehumidification, electronic cooling, and ventilation. The backward-curved motorized impeller is said to require no additional housing to operate and can be mounted in any orientation. It can be ordered to operate at either 120 V a.c. 60 Hz, or 230 V a.c. 60 Hz. Soler & Palau, Inc.


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