April 2005
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The company says its 562 series hollow shaft gearmotor allows users to obtain almost twice the continuous torque ratings through increased low speed center distance and greater clearance for wider faced gears. The gearmotor also offers a fourth stage of gear reduction, providing ratios up to 2,200:1. This allows for a smaller input motor without sacrificing output torque. The gearmotor features a hollow shaft option with multiple mounting configurations and is offered with a.c. and d.c. input motors. The 3/4-in diam hollow bore allows for interchangeable shaft designs. The hollow bore can be splined, hex, or designed for other custom direct-coupled drive shafts. Other features include precision machined aluminum castings; all needle and ball bearing shaft support; steel, heat-treated gearing and pinion shafts; and heavy-duty single lip, spring loaded oil seals with lifetime lubrication.


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