Comfort Speed Motor
April 2005
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The company offers a comfort speed motor using proprietary electronically commutated (EC) technology. The ECM motor is designed to deliver constant CFM to obtain the most efficiency out of a heating or cooling system. According to the company, the ECM motor is not only a high-efficiency, low-noise alternative, but its programmability also makes it well suited for high-end applications. Programma-bility allows for infinite variable speed to provide long, slow ramp-ups and even run-downs. Advanced electronic sensing and control detect changes in ductwork or clogs in filters, reportedly reducing or increasing the airflow to compensate. The company says constant air circulation (in continuous operation mode) means reduced stratification, more consistent temperatures, and better humidity control.

Other features include reliable motor and electronics design and constant CFM in virtually any heating or cooling application. Full programmability allows for a “tailored” heating and cooling system. The motors also reportedly eliminate the “blast” of hot or cold air associated with motor stop/start, include a self-contained motor and electronics package for easy installation, and are suitable for furnaces, air-conditioners, heat pumps, and many other home comfort applications.


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