Variable-Speed Blower
April 2005
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According to the company, its standard output variable-speed blowers are designed to increase efficiency and reduce emissions in 50 to 500 kw combustion and pre-mix applications. The blowers are available for a wide range of commercial and residential applications, including boilers, water heaters, food equipment, and kilns. The Nautilair 192-mm and 225-mm series blowers use digital signal processor (DSP) technology, which allows the blowers to be customized to meet specific performance requirements. All of the models use metal impellers instead of plastic to ensure greater durability.

The blowers reportedly work with a wide range of boiler installations because their onboard controllers interface with many different types of burner controllers and OEM components. Optional factory-installed cards work with the DSP to expand feedback and response data. The optional cards include PWM control signal input and tachometer output, pressure feedback with pressure sensor/transducer and tachometer output, RS232 communications card compatible with DeviceNet, and multiple preset demo card with four preset speeds. All versions utilize brushless d.c. motor technology; however, most models operate from either a 120 or 240 V a.c. line input.


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