Flange Sensor
April 2005
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The company says its TF Series Torque Flange Sensor (TF Senor) can be used for torque measurement of transmissions, powertrains, wind generators, gas turbines, and boat engines. The sensor can also be used in general combustion engines as well as in electric motor and gearbox test benches. The motor sensor is not reportedly susceptible to signal interference, which results from the antenna not needing to be looped around the sensor. A protective cover can be mounted close to the sensor without having an effect on the signal. Other advantages include direct mounting capability, highly accurate signal transmission, and noise immunity. Software, torque transducer displays, integrated speed pickup, and high temperature capabilities are optional. The company says its sensor has an accuracy of 0.1 to 0.25 percent, an overload capacity of 200 percent, and an overload limit of 400 percent. Magtrol, Inc.


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