VitaClay Chef Slow Cooker from Essenergy, Inc.
May 2005
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Essenergy, Inc. says its new VitaClay Chef Slow Cooker is unique because of the clay used to make the cooking vessel. The clay used for the cooking pot is designed to enhance flavor and retain freshness.

The pot is made from Zisha clay from the mountains of Southern China. Essenergy says Zisha clay was formed as a result of rainfalls transporting mountainous minerals into China’s lakes and streams. Using the clay differentiates the VitaClay from traditional cookware utilizing ceramic glazes and/or artificial coloring.

The Zisha clay pot is designed to be free from lead/admium glazes, with its porous quality helping to retain natural flavor and juices without the additional need for seasoning and fats.

The slow cooker has a stainless steel exterior, a stainless rim glass lid for the VitaClay inner pot, and three power settings. Size availability varies from 0.5 quarts to 5 quarts and the inner clay pot is dishwasher/microwave safe.

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