Diamond Spas - Dramatic Design In Copper and Stainless Steel
April 2005
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Diamond Spas, Inc. of Broomfield, CO, U.S. fabricates baths from stainless steel or copper and fabricates spas from stainless steel.

The company accentuates the natural heat transfer of the metal bath materials with polyurethane foam, blown onto the backside for added insulation.

Diamond Spas explains that the stainless steel finish is durable and easy to maintain. The maintenance of the copper finish, it says, depends on the look desired by the client, since this metal is constantly reacting to its environment. For those who enjoy the changing colors of the metal, maintenance is as simple as washing with a mild soap. The company even offers a patina option that accelerates the antiquing process of the copper prior to delivery to the client, resulting in a finish with rich brown shades. For those desiring to keep the copper finish bright and shiny, maintenance is more involved, requiring polishing as often as once every week.

Any of the baths can be jetted and Diamond’s standard system includes six jets operated using a 1-hp pump.

Pictured is a copper ellipse soaking bath with bowed front skirt mounted in natural stone.

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