Bullfrog International Spas With Customizable Jets - Strap on a Jet Pack
April 2005
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Bullfrog International (Bluffdale, UT, U.S.) designs and produces spas with its unique JetPaks removable jetted seat backs. The jetted seat backs are designed to fit into any seat in the company’s spas, and users can tailor the jetting configuration to suit their needs.

The company offers 15 JetPaks models, including the NeckBlaster Jnr.™ (top), which jets 100 gal of water/min through four adjustable neck jets and three adjustable Storm jets and is designed to provide the greatest concentration to the neck/shoulders and to the lateral muscles of the back. The Hurricane Shower™ (middle) jets 100 gal/min through 128 shower jets, concentrating water flow exclusively to the lateral muscles and lower back. The Spinal’ssage (bottom) jets 10 gal/min through three adjustable Micro Magna jets to massage the spinal centerline and, to a lesser degree, the lower back.

Use of JetPaks is also designed to prevent spa leakage. The company explains that jets in conventional spas come through holes in the spa shell, and each hole can be a potential leak site. Because the JetPaks do not use through-the-shell jets, the spa shell is said to have greater overall integrity against leaks.

The units are also said to help provide energy efficiency since up to 90 percent of the spa plumbing is on the JetPaks and, thus, submerged in the water. Heat that escapes from the pipes is transferred to the water instead of being lost. The spas also use 100-percent closed-cell, full-foam insulation for protection against heat loss.

The company’s EternaWood cabinet is designed to offer the look of natural wood with the easier upkeep offered by maintenance-free material. The company says it uses larger, industrial-grade pumps, engineered to be more reliable and longer lasting than traditional pumps. The spa shell is constructed of UV-stabilized, acrylic surface material that is bonded to a second layer of impact-resistant ABS. A third layer is composed of 30-pound-density rigidizer.

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