MTI Whirlpools' Jentle Ped® - A Foot Spa at Home
April 2005
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The Jentle Ped® is an at-home foot spa from MTI Whirlpools (Atlanta, GA, U.S.). It uses heat, massage, and whirlpool jets to soothe and rejuvenate tired feet.

“All types of spa products, including water therapy, are being adapted for home use,” observes Kathy Adams, president of MTI. “This is another evolution in the trend of having the spa experience available when it’s needed and wanted.”

The Jentle Ped is designed with four-directional mini jets that can be adjusted to pinpoint and help alleviate pain in specific areas of the feet. A raised bar in the bottom of the foot spa allows the user to exercise the arch and plantar (sole) areas of the foot. This is designed to emulate the benefits of reflexology massage therapy, in which the foot and toes are pleasantly manipulated, often while bathing.

MTI points to advice from the American Podiatric Medical Association that says a warm foot bath for 8 to 10 min, two to three times a week, keeps feet relaxed and helps prevent minor foot pain caused by fatigue.

The user can select an initial water temperature when the foot spa is filled prior to the treatment. The unit then maintains a steady or slightly increasing temperature, to a maximum increase of 5°F, when the 1.0-hp water-circulating pump is in operation.

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