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February 2005
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The Intrepid® Rigid Pleat Media, a family of synthetic media for 65- to 95-percent efficient rigid filter products, including aluminum separator filters, minipleat filters, and v-bank filters, is said to offer lower pressure drop and higher durability than conventional glass media. The media is available in three efficiency levels: 65-percent efficiency (MERV 11), 85-percent efficiency (MERV 13-14), and 95-percent efficiency (MERV 14-15).

The media’s structure is designed to provide a mix of fiber diameters to ensure high efficiency, while minimizing pressure drop. The product’s design features a gradient density structure, which is said to provide a solid mechanical foundation to maintain high efficiency throughout the useful life of the filter. According to the company, the media will not absorb moisture or support microbial or fungal growth and is manufactured with continuous filaments, which reportedly will not shed fibers. The media is also manufactured without the use of chemical binders.

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