Elastomer Bumpers
February 2005
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The TecsPakĀ® Micro Bumpers are said to be made of a thermoplastic elastomer that offers higher performance kinetic energy absorption in a smaller mass than inferior technologies and with longer life. The bumpers are reportedly 10 times more durable than rubber and 20 times tougher than urethane. Both UV- and chemical-resistant, the elastomer is said to be ideal for harsh environments, retaining original performance parameters over millions of cycles.

The bumpers are available in five models. The smallest model, approximately the size of a pencil eraser, has a rated energy capacity of 20 in/lb (2.2 N/m). The full line of bumpers includes hundreds of standard sizes and custom configurations, with ratings up to 9,400 ft/lb (12,700 N/m). Miner Elastomer Products Corporation

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