February 2005
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The E3 Aluminum Bolted Pump is said to offer a leak-free design to enhance reliability and reduce downtime when pumping large volumes of fluid. The pump reportedly ensures continuous operation by employing an innovative air valve system that eliminates stalling, icing, and the need to lubricate.

The pump’s reported leak-free bolted design is said to provide a greater positive seal, effectively handling large volumes of fluid in applications such as bulk chemical transfer, resins transfer, wastewater treatment, filter press applications, and tanker car unloading. The pump is said to be capable of handling infinite variable flows up to 90 percent solids, and features a maximum particle clearance of 3/4 in (19.1 mm). Flange connections that conform to both ANSI 150# and DIN #80 standards enable the pump to handle a flow rate, which is adjustable to 230 gpm (871 l pm).

Versa-Matic Pump Company, a unit of IDEX Corporation

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