Panel-Mount Rocker Switch
February 2005
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According to the company, the new SRJ panel-mount rocker switch is suited for applications with current ratings up to 20 A at 125 V a.c. The compact SRJ series uses heavy-duty silver alloy contacts to perform high-current switching in a 0.855-in by 0.906-in diam package. The switch locks into a panel cut-out with a diameter of 0.787 in (20 mm). Common applications include household appliances, surge protectors, and lighting controls.

The SRJ series is available in both lighted and non-lighted designs. Lighted versions feature a.c.-powered neon lamps for both 110- and 220-V a.c. applications. The standard switch is available in more than 30 different combinations of actuator and housing colors and is also available in single-throw or double-throw designs. The switch is UL- and C/UL-certified.


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