Glass Ceramic Sensors
February 2005
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The company introduced its Pan Detection sensor technology and its user interface method, called “Twist.” According to the company, pan detection allows the electronic control of a cooktop to sense that a pan or pot is present on the cooking surface and automatically shut off the power if no pan is detected. The sensor works by electrically impressing a frequency on a pan detection antenna, which is built in the heating element. When a metal pan is placed over the antenna, it causes a change in the frequency, which is detected by the electronic control. In addition, the company’s “Twist” technology is a shaftless rotary encoder that can be installed on a glass ceramic sealed surface.

The company says the sensor uses magnets to hold itself in place and to transmit the knob position through the glass to an electronic control. The knob features a magnet to center itself and smaller magnets around the perimeter that activate Hall Effect sensors when it is rotated. The company says the control also senses when the knob is present and can shut off if the knob is removed.


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