Hermetic Pressure Transducer
February 2005
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The company says its hermetically sealed 4- to 20-mA pressure transducer/transmitter is suited for industrial and process equipment and medical products where accuracy, EMC (electro magnetic compatibility) protection, and the ability to operate in harsh environments are vital.

The new dry hermetic transducer (DHT) features an all stainless-steel casing that is said to be environmentally sealed to protect the advanced non-drift ceramic, capacitive sensing element from contaminants. The welded hermetic seal also improves vibration tolerances, rated at 20 g (up to 1 kHz). According to the company, the transducer/transmitter offers EMC protection at levels to 100 V/m, and it is designed to operate in a broad range of temperatures from -40°C to 135°C. The DHT also offers pressure ranges from 50 to 750 psi.


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