Motor Protector
February 2005
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The EP42P motor protector and thermal cut-out ensures a high level of safety for appliances, motors, lighting equipment, and power tools, according to the company. The company says when the switch of EP42P is off and the bimetal element reaches its pre-set open temperature, its contacts will remain open until a user switches the appliance or the motor off.

The EP42P features a dual voltage motor protector for 125-V/250-V a.c. 1/2 hp with stable self-hold function to meet the UL requirement of a 0°C ambient test; meets EN requirements of -20°C ambient test at 250 V a.c. 5 A (3.5 A); meets the requirement of -20°C ambient test at 100 V/125 V a.c.; and makes a “sharp” snap action due to the use of a non-current-carrying, full-forming bimetallic element, even at a very slow rate of ambient temperature elevation.


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