LED Lamps
February 2005
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The company’s 5-mm (T1-3/4) Right-Angled WedgeLED® Annunciator LED Lamps provide illumination for backlit annunciators to facilitate viewing. The company says the solid-state circuits and wedge bases make annunciator LEDs resistant to the stresses generated by automated machinery and heavy equipment. Annunciator LEDs come in one-LED and two-LED configurations. Colors available are Super Red (630 nm), Super Orange (610 nm), Super Pure Yellow (590 nm), Super Green (525 nm), Pure Blue (470 nm), and Cool White (8,000 K). Standard voltage is 28 V, and bi-colored LED versions and other voltages are available as options. According to the company, annunciator LEDs eliminate many of the shortcomings of incandescent lamps such as filament failures, frequent maintenance, and excessive heat. Due to their low operating temperatures, LEDs can be used continuously without the concerns that accompany heat-generating incandescent lamps, the company says.


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