Variable Frequency Drive
February 2005
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SmartFan® Stratus is a variable-frequency drive that provides variable-speed control of single- and three-phase fans, motors, and pumps. The company says applications include heating and air-conditioning systems, environmental control, clean room pressurization, equipment cooling, and exhaust ventilation. On-board programming reportedly allows the setting of many parameters providing maximum flexibility.

According to the company, SmartFan Stratus operates from a 115- or 230-V a.c. single-phase power supply. Output power is 3 A for three-phase motors and 4 A for single-phase motors. Motor speed can be based on several control inputs, including control signal, temperature, 0 to 18 V d.c. transducer, Modbus, or I2C communication link. Custom configurations are available. Benefits are said to include reduced noise, greater reliability, increased fan life, improved safety, energy savings, and regulation of temperature, pressure, humidity, or flow.


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