Digital Motion Controller
February 2005
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Capable of position, velocity, and current mode, the company’s digital motion controller EPOS 70/100 accepts external signals to operate in “Step & Direction” mode or “Master Encoder” mode (“electronic gearbox”), according to the company. Applications for the controller include controlling brush or brushless motors. Dimensions are 150 by 93 by 28 mm (5.9 by 3.7 by 1.1 in), and weight is 330 g (11.6 oz). Communication is via RS-232 or CANopen. Software for CANopen, Windows DLLs, and a GUI is complimentary.

Requiring a supply voltage of 11 to 70 V d.c., the controller is capable of 10 A of maximum continuous current and 25-A peak current. Efficiency is up to 90 percent. The company says the 50-kHz switching frequency and built-in choke ensures compatibility with most low-inductance motors, while the sinusoidal commutation for brushless motors ensures minimal torque ripple and low noise. Maximum motor speed is 25,000-rpm for two-pole motors. A maximum encoder input frequency of 1 MHz, eight digital inputs, two analog inputs, and four digital outputs allow for maximum flexibility. Applications include test and measurement equipment, pick and place machines, motorized stages, optics, pumps, medical imaging devices, and robotics.


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