Custom Control Platform
February 2005
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The company says its OEM Custom Control Platform (model CCP) can configure a custom temperature controller (up to four loops) complete with timers to meet specific application needs. According to the company, by simplifying the development of custom controls, the product reduces lead times, which results in reduced costs and faster response to market for customers. The platform uses a set of pre-designed modules for input, output, and control.

The control features include support for a variety of temperature sensor types and temperature control over one or two channels, hi/low temperature alarming, basic timer function, and either one or two numeric displays capable of showing time in hours and minutes. The control can be panel-mounted with either an overlay or membrane switch, or both.

The company says the control is ideal for food equipment and process heating and can be configured for packaging and package equipment, environmental chambers, parts cleaners, and chemical and pharmaceutical equipment.


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