Current Sensor
February 2005
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Reportedly a smaller, low-cost alternative to toroid-based sensors, the ACS754/5 family of devices are said to offer precise current sensing. The company says the ACS754 devices are bi-directional sensors, while the ACS755 versions offer single-direction sensing with approximately twice the resolution of the bi-directional ACS754 sensors. The devices provide 3-kV isolation and single voltage supply operation while placing only 100 ยต? of resistance in the current path. The company offers 50-A, 100-A, 130-A, 150-A and 200-A versions. The lead-free, PC-mountable package is 14 by 22 by 7 mm and integrates the current path.

The sensors consist of a precision linear Hall IC optimized to an internal magnetic circuit to increase device sensitivity. Featuring power lead frames, the company says the sensors are designed for extremely low power loss and are electrically isolated from the sensor signal leads. This isolation allows the ACS754/5 sensors to be used in applications requiring electrical isolation without the addition of other isolating components, according to the company. Applications include white goods, fitness equipment, industrial heaters, spa controllers, and electric vehicles.


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