Electronic Temperature Control
February 2005
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According to the company, its family of electronic temperature controllers offer an advanced solution over traditional bulb and capillary temperature thermostats. The family includes four different models—the 2696 and 2697 hot and cold temperature controllers and the 2698 and 2699 temperature controllers.

The controls feature single- or dual-channel sensing, a high accuracy thermistor temperature sensing of +/-2°F, and a setpoint adjustment of 1°F resolution. Depending on the model, the controllers are equipped with bi-color LED indicators and one to three output drives (up to 30 A).

Optional features include defrost cycle and remote display or remote control panel. The company says the controllers are designed for use in refrigeration and heater control applications, including commercial and consumer, cooking equipment, chillers, and HVAC equipment. All models are pending UL certification.


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