Lucas-Milhaupt, Inc. - Booth # 2114
January 2005
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Lucas-Milhaupt, Inc., a Handy & Harman company, will be showcasing its line of brazing and soldering filler metals, including Handy OneĀ®, a flux-cored brazing material that is said to offer numerous advantages compared to traditional metal-joining methods. According to the company, Handy One Flux cored brazing wire can improve joint strength and initial quality while reducing manufacturing costs. The concept of cored material involves the use of a brazing alloy in strip form that is subsequently formed into a U-shaped channel. This channel is filled with an appropriate powdered flux and then closed to seal in the flux and form a finished wire. The use of this completely encased, all-in-one product is said to eliminate several steps traditionally associated with flux, including diluting, mixing, and its application, dramatically reducing metal joining costs. The company says this also reduces flux contamination on plant equipment and in the wastewater stream, and minimizes flux exposure to brazing personnel.

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