ebm-papst Inc. - Booth # 1739
January 2005
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Ebm-papst’s new 55-mm EC-i motor (pictured) with integrated intelligence is said to offer significantly lower noise and less heat generation than conventional a.c. motors. The new fan types based on this motor design can reportedly be installed in any mounting position, opening up a wide range of possible applications. The customer can simply connect the integrated electronics in the motor directly to the 230 V a.c. mains.

According to the company, the new EC-i air movers are optimally adapted to the diverse applications in building ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration.

The company has also developed a new electronic control that offers boiler and water heater OEMs the opportunity to use an ebm-papst premix gas blower without changing their existing temperature control supplier. The new UGB control converts up to four different variable or discrete analog signals into a PWM signal that controls the speed of the gas blowers for staged or modulating burner operation.

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