Control Resources, Inc. - Booth # 2042
January 2005
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Control Resources, Inc. (CRI) will be exhibiting its SmartFan® line of fan and motor speed controls. Products include a.c. speed controls for single- and three-phase motors, fans, and pumps up to 1 hp. Control can be based on sensing environmental conditions (temperature, pressure, humidity, radon), a control signal (0 to 10 V d.c., 0 to 20 mA), or communication link (I2C, Modbus).

CRI will also be introducing the SmartFan Stratus (pictured), a versatile variable frequency drive that is said to provide precise variable-speed control of single- and three-phase fans, motors, and pumps. The company says industry studies have shown that a 50-percent reduction in motor speed results in up to an 87-percent reduction in electricity costs, which means that the Stratus will pay for itself. Other SmartFan products to be exhibited include Inversion, an a.c. to d.c. fan speed control, and Nimbus, a low-cost, Triac-based control. Both standard products and custom designs will be shown in the booth.

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