Bristol Compressors - Booth # 4536
January 2005
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This year, Bristol Compressors says its Benchmark product is once again revolutionizing the technology behind reciprocating compressors. The new Benchmark H21J Recip requires no starting components, which is said to lower the cost of the compressor and improve reliability. In addition, by removing the need for a hard-start kit, the new compressor gets a strong boost in SEER performance.

According to the company, its Benchmark product line includes both reciprocating and scroll compressors to provide technology for the highest quality performance in every application. At a capacity range of 3.5 tons or above, the Benchmark Scroll reportedly provides high efficiency with low noise levels. The company also says its Benchmark Recip provides a superior performance below 3.5 tons and is 1.5 dBA quieter than the leading scroll.

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