Sharp Electronics Air Purifiers
January 2005
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Sharp Electronics Corporation's (Mahwah, NJ, U.S.) line of Plasmacluster air purifiers is designed to clean air as well as remove odors, airborne irritants, allergens, and smoke. The Plasmacluster Ion technology generates positive and negative ions, which are said to reach all areas of the room to clean the air space. The models are also equipped with a triple filtration system, which includes a true HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter and an active carbon filter that work to remove household odors. Some units also feature Library Quiet(tm) performance.

The newest model in the Plasmacluster line is the model FP-N25CX. It is said to be ideal for a child's bedroom, with a recommended room size of 132 square feet.

The air purification systems include an air status indicator that measures the presence of odor and dust particles. The remote control includes the ability to chose Ion Control mode to increase the negative cluster ions ratio, which Sharp says allows the unit to optimize the indoor climate. Another remote control option is Clean Mode, in which both positive and negative ions are being emitted into the air.

Other Plasmacluster models are available for larger living spaces. The approximate recommended floor area for the Model FP-N40CX is 253 sq ft and the approximate recommended floor area for the Model FP-N60CX is 330 sq ft.

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