Trion, Inc., Commercial Kitchen Air Purifier
January 2005
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Sanford, NC, U.S.-based Trion, Inc., a division of Fedders Engineered Products, introduced the Air Boss® KES Series air purification system for commercial kitchen use. The KES is designed to effectively remove kitchen exhaust, grease, smoke, and odors, and to help ensure that exhaust from commercial kitchens meets acceptable clean air standards.

The KES is designed with a multi-stage, self-contained filtration unit that starts with an electrostatic precipitator. During operation, particulate matter passes through a high-intensity electrical field, where it receives an electrical charge. Charges particles, 0.01 micron to 10 microns in size, then pass through a series of alternately charged collector plates—they are repelled by plates with the same polarity and attracted to plates with opposite polarity.

Following the electrostatic precipitator is a 95-percent DOP media filter and carbon modules for odor control.

The KES is offered in several sizes and is customizable for specific applications, making it applicable to restaurants, food courts, hospitals, and schools, including universities.

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