Residential Indoor Air Purification From Healthway Home Products
January 2005
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Healthway Home Products (Pulaski, NY, U.S.) introduced the EMF Filtration Systemâ„¢ (Enhanced Media Filtration) residential indoor air purification technology in October 2004. The U.S. FDA-listed technology is certified to kill 100 percent of airborne viruses, 98 to 100 percent of bacteria, and 94 to 100 percent of mold and fungi. Healthway uses a constant high-energy field that is said to raise the performance of the filter media to 99.99-percent efficient at 0.3 microns, surpassing HEPA filters.

The EMF Filtration System utilizes a pleated, paper-like media filter to capture particles and trap microorganisms. The high energy field improves the performance of the media filter, enabling it to achieve 99.97-percent efficiency at capturing 0.15 micron contaminants. It also destroys active airborne microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi spores.

The blower on the unit channels air in through the bottom and redirects it twice, diffusing the airflow so that it enters the air filter more evenly. This is designed to provide more effective filter collection and quieter operation.

Development of the patented filtration system started with a research grant focused on germ warfare applications. Once developed, its use expanded into clean-room manufacturing processes. Now Healthway and MCS Group Inc. redesigned the technology for residential applications.

EMF Filtration System won the 2005 NASA Technology 2005 Award in the Environmental Technology Category. The unit is FDA-certified as a CLASS II medical device.

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