John Deere Hand-Held Residential BH25 Blower
December 2004
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The new hand-held residential BH25 blower from John Deere (Cary, NC, U.S.) was designed for easy handling. Weighing only 8.4 lb (3.8 kg), the blower is lightweight, but also offers powerful performance features thanks to a commercial-grade, 24.5-cc Fuji Robin engine.

One of the unit’s key features is a maximum air velocity of 140-mph (225 km/h) at the tube. According to Lynette Hart, manager of portable power equipment, air velocity depends on the airflow produced by the fan and volutes, as well as the engine power, fan size, and the opening at the end of the tube or nozzle. “Assuming constant flow, the speed will be higher the smaller the opening is, and it also will be more concentrated, which is good for peeling off stuck wet leaves,” Ms. Hart says.
The blower also has low noise levels of 68 db(AV) at 50 ft.

According to Ms. Hart, the blower noise depends on several factors. “The speed of the engine has the major influence,” she explains. “It is beneficial to use a large fan that loads the engine more and forces it run slower, yet produces the same performance. The slower the engine speed, the lower the noise.

The size and design of the muffler is the second major factor controlling the noise of the blower. The bigger the muffler, the lower the noise. Internal muffler design included baffles and glass wool lining to also help lower the sound level.”

Other features include a 400-cfm maximum air volume and a translucent 18.9-oz (0.56-L) tank that lets users easily check fuel level.

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