Metabo Corp.'s Hs8365S Hedge Trimmer
December 2004
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Safety was the top concern when Metabo Corporation (West Chester, PA, U.S.) created its new Hs8365S hedge trimmer. To operate the trimmer, the user has to simultaneously depress dual safety switches. If the user releases either safety switch, the unit’s blade will stop almost instantly, in approximately 0.05 sec.

The hand-held appliance also features a safety clutch that protects the motor and gearing from kickback when the user encounters a wire fence or concrete wall. A hand guard protects the user from scratches, and full insulation safeguards against electrical shocks.

The company says the hedge trimmer’s safety features do not take the place of performance. The hand-held appliance has a maximum torque of 53 in-lbs at 3,200 stokes per minute and is rated at 4.4 A and 500 input watts. Cutting performance is enhanced by double-sided, steel blades that are cut at a 30-degree angle and reciprocate in opposite directions. A 1-1/8-in space between cutters allows users to perform both large and small tasks, and a twig guide helps to lift and guide twigs and branches into the cutting blade.

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