Silicone Surfactants
December 2004
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GE Advanced Materials introduced a new family of silicone surfactants for hydrocarbon (HC) blown foam insulation used in the appliance industry. According to the company, the NIAX® Silicone L-6884 and NIAX Silicone L-6988 silicone surfactants represent a breakthrough in the manufacture of rigid polyurethane foam systems based on HC agents. The new products are said to improve the solubility of HC into the polyurethane system for a stable mix and enable formation of very fine foam cells with superior insulating properties.

By implementing NIAX silicone surfactants, the company says manufacturers of refrigerators, freezers, and coolers can improve the energy efficiency of their appliances. The silicone surfactants also reportedly povide improved HC solubility, resulting in a clear and stable system that reduces the issue of pentane separation. The surfactants also offer potential for application areas such as water heaters, pipes, and insulating panels.

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