Feeder Technology
December 2004
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Autosplice has introduced a new innovation in feeder technology that is said to significantly increase overall production throughput by enabling standard placement cells to pick and place multiple discrete interconnect pins in a single cycle. The Multi-Pick Feeder is said to automatically translate 24-mm tape carrying the discrete pins from a horizontal to a vertical orientation.

A specially designed ejector uses a single motion to push multiple pins into a retainer where they are positioned, awaiting pick-up by the vacuum nozzle. Depending upon specific production requirements, the ejector process can be set up to present two, three, or four pins to the pick-up nozzle. To aid in placement accuracy, the feeder mechanism can automatically make pitch adjustments as the pins are transferred from the tape to the retainer.

According to the company, the feeder is always waiting on the machine, not vice versa as with many other feeders, which means that the placement cell can run at optimal sustained throughput rates. The feeder technology is based on AutoFeeder mechanisms and utilizes the machine’s existing electrical, pneumatic, and waste-removal interfaces. The self-contained AutoFeeder slide reportedly mounts onto and removes from the machine exactly like the feeders of each equipment manufacturer. This is said to enable seamless “plug-and-play” compatibility for handling a variety of discrete interconnect components on Fuji, Siemens, Sanyo, Universal, and other standard equipment.

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