December 2004
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The Series II burner is said to feature optimum performance in terms of efficiency and emission of carbon monoxide, with any type of gas. According to the company, adapting the burner to different types of gas is accomplished by simply replacing the injector. The burner is also based on a modular design concept, in which a common cup can be coupled to numerous versions of flame-spreaders and lids. The operation of the burner is based on two patented principles: the intake of primary air from above the appliance top and the radial venturi. The company says the characteristics make for quality performance not only in free-standing cookers but also in built-in hobs. The intake of primary air from above the sheet metal pressing in which the burners are fitted allows the hob to be installed even above compartments in which sudden pressure variations can occur (i.e., ovens and cabinets), without combustion being in affected in any way. The burners, which are produced at the company’s new Brazilian plant in Guarulhos, Sao Paulo, have also been designed for easy assembly, including the assembly of accessory components such as spark ignition electrodes and thermocouples.


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