November 2004
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The pre-polished, singlemode field installable connector is said to eliminate the need for manual polishing, making termination and installation faster for the installer—typically less than 1 min per fiber on a 900-um tight buffer termination. The same toolkit and procedures are used for singlemode or multimode terminations. The connectors feature a new fiber splice engine technology, which is said to allow the precision alignment of cabled fiber to the factory-polished, stubbed ferule. The connectors can also be terminated to various field fiber termination requirements, including 900-um bare buffered fiber, 250-um coated fiber, 900-um bare buffered break-out fiber, and 900-um easy strip or semi-tight buffered fiber. The connectors are also said to offer additional benefits compared to other pre-polished connector products because they retain the same profile as a standard epoxy connector, simplifying installation. The connectors have been tested and qualified to TIA/EIA 568 B.3 and are said to withstand operating temperature fluctuations from -10°C to 60°C.

Tyco Electronics

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