Verification System
November 2004
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The newly patented VERI-CHEK® feature, an internal verification system in the company’s electrical safety testers, is said to give manufacturers the capability to quickly and easily validate the operation of its safety testers. Verification of failure detect circuitry of an electrical safety tester is required by various safety agencies, including UL, TÜV, and the International Electrotechnical Commission, among others. Verification is required to validate that the tester will detect a fail conduction in a device under test (DUT). The feature uses a graphic display and built-in prompt messages to walk the test operator through the required steps to verify the fail detect circuitry of the electrical safety tester. VERI-CHEK can be enacted or bypassed each time the electrical safety tester is powered up. Once enacted, the electrical safety tester displays detailed prompt messages instructing the operator on the proper steps needed to perform the verification test. After the verification test is performed, the display gives a visual confirmation of the test results.

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