Linear Touch Slider
November 2004
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Targeted toward consumer electronics and home appliance applications, the company’s QT401 IC is said to replace mechanical controls, as it can reportedly sense a gloved finger through solid glass or plastic panels. The device uses two patented charge-transfer sensing channels across a linear resistive element and an algorithm to determine touch positions. The company says resistive elements can be a chain of discrete resistors, a resistive thick-film layer, or an optically-clear Indium Tin Oxide film (ITO) for use over LCD displays. Applicable where mechanical switches, buttons, or pushbuttons are used, the IC can be used for speed, temperature, and volume controls for lighting, display brightness, and mechanical position sensing. The company says the sensing strip can be placed under almost any panel surface, such as glass or plastic, and can be designed as a straight line of almost any length or made into other shapes for design.

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