Subminiature Pushbutton Switches
November 2004
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The company’s HB series of illuminated and non-illuminated subminiature pushbuttons reportedly feature a compact front-panel design with black built-in bezels available in 0.354-in square or round options. Rated at 0.1 A maximum at 30 V a.c./d.c., the HB series features solder lug terminals that are spaced 0.100- by 0.200-in to enable PCB mounting. In addition, longer and normally closed terminal facilitates wiring and soldering. The switch contacts are said to be self-cleaning, and mechanical life is rated at 100,000 operations minimum. UL-certified, the terminals are molded to lock out flux, dust, and other contaminants. The company says the HB series can be specified in single-pole double throw, momentary, or maintained circuits. A latch-down feature in the maintained option indicates circuit status. Illuminated models feature LEDs in red, amber, and green or can be specified in white, blue, or green. Both full-face and spot-illuminated models are available.

NKK Switches

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