Sealed Illuminated Switches
November 2004
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Introducing its Series 04 of sealed, illuminated switches, the company says the switches combine style, utility, and industrial durability. Possible combinations include square and round indicators and pushbuttons, rotary switches, emergency stops, and mushroom-headed pushbuttons. Depending on requirements, the company says the pushbutton/indicator lens can be flush-mounted to the front panel or raised for side-viewing. An extended or sealed ring can also be fitted for extra lens protection. According to the company, a wide variety of lens colors, engraving, and film inserts for legends or symbols are also available. Although both the Series 04 indicators and pushbuttons come equipped with hard silver contacts, silver/palladium or gold contacts can be specified. Choices of either screw or plug-in terminals are available in both snap-action and slow-make styles.

EAO Switch Corporation

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