Encapsulated Thermostat
November 2004
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The Cantherm F11-E06 Encapsulated Thermostat for electronics is now available with die-cut PCB leads. According to the company, JEDEC TO-220 dimensions such as lead spacing, lead-to-back plane, and board-to-mounting hole features have been added to ensure interchangeability. In addition, the plastic TO-200 style-housing is said to help achieve applications with high voltages and temperatures up to 200°C at 400 V a.c. dielectric. The company says the thermostat’s RYTON PPS plastic is UL94 V-O certified and withstands long-term exposure at 220°C. Available with PC mounting pins or flying leads in temperatures from 70°C to 160°C, the F11-E06 is said to suit most applications with its 3-A current rating. Canadian Thermostats & Control Devices Ltd.

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