York Unitary Products Group: Luxaire Brand Acclimate Air-Conditioner
November 2004
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The Acclimate™ air-conditioner line comprises the premium 5T series units and the 2S and 3S series under the Luxaire brand. The 5T series (pictured) more than meets energy efficiency requirements with a 15 SEER rating and R410 refrigerant, earning an Energy Star® rating.

The unit’s two-stage compressor operates at two levels of performance: the first level cools the home for the majority of the time, while the second level is used during peak cooling times.

The 5T models also use Luxaire’s exclusive SilentDrive™ system, featuring a forward swept-wing fan design adapted from the aerospace and defense industry. Air is said to flow smoothly off the fan blade to reduce air turbulence and noise. The unit’s sound-dampening technology also includes an isolated compressor compartment, a composite base pan, and the two-stage compressor technology, which work together reach sound levels as low as 69 dB.

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