York Unitary Products Group: Echelon Furnace
November 2004
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Part of the Coleman brand offering, the Echelon™ furnace line is available in three series—the V series, the T series, and the S series—in 80 percent and 92+ percent AFUE.

The premium 8.V (80 percent) and 9.V (92 to 94 percent) Echelon variable-speed furnaces are equipped with EcoTrak™, an electronically commutated motor (ECM) that is said to offer nearly continuous, gradual fan speed operation, reportedly resulting in more energy-efficient operation, effective humidity control, reduced sound levels, and improved indoor air quality.

According to York, during continuous fan operation, the V series furnaces may use less energy than a 100-W light bulb, while standard blower motors, on average, consume nearly 500 W.

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