Reference Design/Switcher
October 2004
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The IRISMPS4 is a reference design for flyback topology a.c.-d.c. power supply circuits commonly found in DVD/CD players, set-top boxes, and an array of consumer electronics. Using the company’s IRIS4009 a.c.-d.c. integrated switcher as the main switch and control device, the reference design features a universal a.c. line input and 15 V, 4 A full-load d.c. output. The integrated switcher is said to be ideal for universal and single-input a.c.-d.c. power supplies and adaptors for consumer electronics, and also can be used as a housekeeping/standby supply in larger a.c.-d.c. power supplies or motor drives, up to 30 W open frame, or 15 W closed frame.

International Rectifier

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