Panasonic Pro-Curve Men's Shaver ES8092
November 2004
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Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company (Secaucus, NJ, U.S.) designed its top-of-the-line Pro-CurveĀ® shaver, model ES8092, with a new Pivot Action Shaving System. The shaver is designed to offer the sharpest blades and the fastest linear motor of any electric shaver on the market while incorporating the adjustable pivoting head for movement around face contours.

The blades are angled at 30 degrees, to catch the hair and perform a straight cut. Panasonic says the cut is so precise the user may only need to go over the area once. Two center slit blades are designed to ensure that long and stray hairs are cut. The blades are made of hypoallergenic stainless steel to accommodate sensitive skin.

The linear motor produces speeds of 13,000 rpm, and a frictionless linear motor is designed to power through thick beards and hair while providing a fast, consistently clean cut. In Turbo Cleaning Mode, the speed increases to 17,000 rpm for easy cleaning. The user simply holds the "on" button while placing the unit under running water.

This Pivot Action Shaving System allows the head to pivot side to side and front and back. The user can adjust the amount of movement desired. The lightweight, curved design includes a rubber grip for easy use. A slide-up, full-width trimmer allows for grooming of mustache and sideburns.

A five-stage LED battery monitor lets users keep track of available power. An induction charging system will fully charge the unit in one hour, or the user can place the unit on the base for 5 min and it will have enough power for one shave. The fully immersible shaver can be used wet or dry.

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