Tecno Elettra Hair Straightener
November 2004
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Tecno Elettra of Monsano, Ancona, Italy, configured its Futura line of professional flat-iron hair straighteners with a scissors design. The PTC (positive temperature coefficient) ceramic heating elements are engineered for fast heat-up, reaching 100°C (212°F) in 30 sec. The heating elements can reach 210°C (410°F) maximum.

The Futura models are equipped with automatic temperature control, allowing it to provide continuous heat for uniform performance. The straighteners are designed to accept worldwide voltages, 110 to 240 V.

Tecno Elettra chose DuPont™ Zytel® HSL (heat stabilized lubricated) nylon for the external casing. The material is a glass-reinforced grade designed to maintain high rigidity even at temperatures of 150ºC. The scissors design of the straightener demanded a high degree of thermal stability; otherwise, prolonged exposure to high temperatures could cause deformation of the casing. The result would be that the stylist would require more effort when gripping hair and straightening it.

The glass-reinforced material can come in almost direct contact with the iron. Some straightener models have a small comb for untangling knots, also made in the same material and situated next to the iron.

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